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Since being founded in 2011, Blucon Demoltion has rapidly grown into one of the fastest growing specialist demolition contractors in the UK. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are experts in all aspects of demolition and are able to offer bespoke solutions to all your demolition requirements.


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Blucon Demolition

“Blucon were always at the top or towards the top of the subcontractors league table which demonstrated their commitment & attitude, and is a testament to them as a business.”

Thomas Vale Construction

“It’s been a refreshing change to work with a Demolition contractor who has worked to such a high standard of Safety, Housekeeping and Quality of works.”

Bouygues UK

“This has not been an easy project, due to being a live environment but I feel Blucon have performed really well, evident in their high scoring and winning the subcontractors performance awards several times”

Bouygues UK